Airborne museum - The Airborne Museum is housed in Villa Hartenstein, a villa with a long history. In September 1944, the building, which began as an inn in 1728, was the headquarters of the British Airborne Troops under the command of General-Major Roy E. Urquhart -

Estate de Hemelsche Berg. Take a walk through this magical forest with beautiful streams and ponds. Also you will be reminded in different ways of what happened in this part of the Netherlands during the years 1940-1945 along the way. During the battle of Arnhem this hollow served as a shelter for people who lived nearby.

Garden de Lage Oorsprong These beautiful gardens of the Lage Oorsprong are located in the Hemelseberg estate. In summer often concerts can be enjoyed -

Nederlands Openlucht Museum In this museum park you will find around 100 historic buildings, farmhouses and mills. Not only can these be viewed from the outside, but you can also step inside for a look around! This brings you closer to history and gives you the chance to experience the past again.

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